Do you have a child who is interested in ballroom dancing? Why not enroll them in a group class! Each class is one hour in duration, and we cover all the fundamentals including musicality, posture, footwork, balance and expression.

latin jazz and ballroom rhythms
To fast track you childs education in dance, private lessons offer more detail and personalised tuition to assist in quality movement.
private lessons
8 week semester = $120
one hour lesson = $85
348 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate
348 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate




449A Pacific Highway, Crows Nest
But what if your child doesn't have a dance partner? Not to worry...they don't need one! 'Latin jazz' consists of powerful and energetic dance patterns whilst 'ballroom rhythms' is based on refined and graceful movements, all danced in solo format. This allows your child to find the joy of latin and ballroom dance, in a fun, friendly and constructive environment. We also have a mid-year and end of year concert, which will showcase their talents for family and friends.
Plus, when your child is ready to start dancing with a partner, private lessons will offer the greatest level of asistance and care for your partnership, offering a high level of information to help your child 'shine' on the floor!
please call Ash Robinson on 0400 788 222 for more information
If competitive dance is something of interest (and a partner is not available), Ash is an experienced professional dancer, and would be delighted to dance with your child in pro-am competitions. If you are interested in competing, please contact Ash on 0400 788 222 for further information.