Ash Robinson is a qualified professional ballroom dancer. Ash has competed with his current dance partner, Elizabeth McMahon, for the past 10 years, dancing all over the world. Ash's experience in competitive dancing has greatly helped him refine his skills as a teacher for all students, be it social, competitive and of course - bridal couples!

Ash has a passion for quality, and loves assisting anyone with their journey in dance. Partnered dancing is often considered 'art in motion' and a worthy skill to acquire, but more than anything, it's fun, energetic and beautiful to watch.

Apart from his love for competitive dance, Ash finds great joy in helping bridal couples achieve all they desire for their 'Big Day'. Over the years, Ash has created it all ... from the simplest of routines to elaborate showcases! He guarantees to leave you feeling comfortable and confident, so you can relax and enjoy the romance of your special day.

For more information about group classes, private lessons and bridal lessons,
please feel free to contact Ash.

Happy dancing!



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